DECEMBER 9, 2022
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Analyst Claims U.S. Bases in Iraq Serve as Breeding Grounds for Terrorist Elements

Analyst Claims U.S. Bases in Iraq Serve as Breeding Grounds for Terrorist Elements

A political commentator, Mohammed al-Khazaali, has voiced concerns over the persisting presence of US forces in Iraq, emphasizing that Washington prioritizes its own interests over those of Iraq. Khazaali argues that security analyses indicate American bases serve as breeding grounds for terrorist and extremist groups.

In an interview with the Press TV website, Khazaali called for the immediate removal of US forces from Iraq, citing a "dark history" of American actions causing harm to Iraqi people and exploiting extremist groups to advance US interests.

He asserted, "Based on the findings of many security analyses, the bases of the US-led coalition are where terrorist elements are nurtured, and hence the continued presence of the US forces in Iraq poses a threat to the security of Iraq as well as its neighbors."

Despite a 2020-2021 "strategic dialogue" agreement stipulating the end of US military presence in Iraq by the close of 2021, Washington later announced plans to withdraw only combat forces, retaining hundreds in an advisory role. This move has been met with skepticism, with experts viewing it as an attempt to deceive the international community.

Khazaali underscored that all branches of the Iraqi government have consistently called for the withdrawal of US-led coalition forces, asserting Iraq's capability to independently combat terrorism. He referenced Iraqi Prime Minister Mohammed Shia al-Sudani's recent statements, highlighting Iraq's self-sufficiency in protecting its security without the need for foreign combat troops or military advisors.

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