DECEMBER 9, 2022
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Iran Accuses U.S. of Fueling Insecurity in Central Asia by Strengthening ISIL

Iran Accuses U.S. of Fueling Insecurity in Central Asia by Strengthening ISIL

Iran's special envoy to Afghanistan, Hassan Kazemi Qomi, has accused the United States of seeking to create instability in Central Asia by bolstering the ISIL terrorist group. Qomi stated that, despite the U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan over two years ago, the country continues to engage in disruptive activities in the region. He contends that the U.S. aims to cause concern among Afghanistan's neighbors and the broader Central Asian region.

Qomi attributed the economic and security challenges in Afghanistan primarily to the 20-year occupation by the United States, NATO, and their allies. He argued that the U.S. continues to support terrorism and ISIL, with a specific focus on strengthening ISIL-Khorasan. According to Qomi, the ultimate goal is to create insecurity in Central Asian countries and subsequently establish bases under the pretext of combating ISIL.

Highlighting discussions at the Moscow Format meeting in Kazan, Qomi emphasized the consensus among participating countries that the formation of a government trusted by the Afghan people is crucial for improving the situation in Afghanistan. He called for the support of the United Nations and the international community for regional initiatives, particularly the establishment of a contact group by neighboring and regional countries.

While some advocate for an international contact group, Qomi cautioned that such a group, which could involve the U.S. and NATO, might exacerbate problems rather than solve them. He asserted that the international contact group, representing the main cause of the chaotic situation in Afghanistan, would not contribute to the nation's improvement.

At the summit, the Taliban delegation was reportedly informed that garnering support from regional countries necessitates the formation of a government trusted by the Afghan people.

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