DECEMBER 9, 2022
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Iran urges US not to oppose development of bioweapons convention

Iran urges US not to oppose development of bioweapons convention

According to Iran's mission to the United Nations' third counselor Mohammad Ghorbanpour Najafabadi on Friday, the US is being asked to not oppose the development of the Biological Weapons Convention (BWC).

During a United Nations First Committee, Najafabadi stated that Tehran not only urges the US to "destroy its reservation" but also abstain from "opposing the development of the BWC, especially in response to reports of its involvement in the development of biological weapons."

In August, Russian Security Council Alexey Shevtsov stated Monday that the US is developing biological weapons, including some aimed at some ethnic groups. 

He also detailed how the Pentagon wishes to expand its biological weapons program to other states and establish control over biological research, as well as collect bio-materials and pathogens, particularly dangerous ones. 

Iran, according to Najafabadi, is concerned about the threat presented by "Israel", which is neither a signatory to the BWC nor the Chemical Weapons Convention.

He explained that Iran expects the international community to hold the occupation accountable by "exceeding and implementing these two conventions."

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