DECEMBER 9, 2022
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Iran Backs Azerbaijan's Territorial Integrity, Calls for End to Foreign Presence in Caucasus

Iran Backs Azerbaijan's Territorial Integrity, Calls for End to Foreign Presence in Caucasus

Iran's Chief of Staff, Mohammad Baqeri, declared on Saturday that Azerbaijan has successfully reclaimed lost territory and restored its territorial integrity. Speaking at a military university in Tehran, Baqeri discussed Iran's relations with neighboring countries, emphasizing Azerbaijan's recent actions in the Caucasus region.

Baqeri characterized Azerbaijan's recent military operation in Karabakh as a move to counter Armenian provocations and regain territorial integrity. He urged the peaceful coexistence of minorities in the region with equal rights and highlighted that Azerbaijan and Armenia are considered "respectful neighbors" by Tehran.

Calling for an end to hostilities between the two nations, Baqeri stressed the importance of ceasing the presence of foreign forces in the region. He revealed discussions with military officials from both Azerbaijan and Armenia who shared the belief that foreign military presence is unnecessary for regional security.

Underlining Iran's commitment to transforming borders from military and security-oriented to economic, aligning with the "good-neighborliness" policy of the Ebrahim Raisi government, Baqeri expressed Iran's desire to see economic cooperation and peaceful dialogue prevail in the region.

Recent diplomatic engagements between Armenia, Azerbaijan, and Iran have taken place, with Iranian officials, including Baqeri, discussing regional security concerns. Iran, in alignment with its stance, considers Karabakh as part of Azerbaijan and advocates for the resolution of issues related to its residents through dialogue.

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