DECEMBER 9, 2022
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Celtic Football Club Fans Maintain Solidarity with Palestine Despite Board's Opposition

Celtic Football Club Fans Maintain Solidarity with Palestine Despite Board's Opposition

Despite facing criticism from the club's board, passionate supporters of Scotland's Celtic Football Club, particularly the Green Brigade ultras group, remain steadfast in their display of solidarity with the people of Palestine. The fans aim to convey a message that their club stands with the oppressed amidst the ongoing attacks on the besieged Gaza Strip by Israel.

During a recent Scottish Premiership match against Kilmarnock in Glasgow, the Green Brigade unfurled banners with messages such as "Free Palestine" and "Victory to the resistance!!" However, the club's board promptly distanced itself from the political stance taken by the fan group, emphasizing that Celtic is a football club, not a political organization.

In response to the fan's display, Israeli international and former Celtic midfielder Nir Bitton took to social media to express his disagreement, accusing the fans of being "brainwashed" and urging them to consider the complexities of the situation.

Undeterred by the backlash, the Green Brigade has urged all Celtic fans to raise the Palestinian flag during the upcoming UEFA Champions League match against Atletico Madrid on October 25. In a statement, the group drew parallels with the struggle against apartheid in South Africa, emphasizing the importance of taking a stand against what they perceive as injustice.

The fan group's statement expressed solidarity and prayers for the people of Palestine, criticizing the international community for what they perceive as a lack of response to the war crimes inflicted on a vulnerable and confined population. Despite the club's official stance, the fans remain resolute in their commitment to supporting the cause they believe in.

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