DECEMBER 9, 2022
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Iran Chamber of Guilds Hosts Meeting with Saudi Ambassador to Enhance Trade Relations

Iran Chamber of Guilds Hosts Meeting with Saudi Ambassador to Enhance Trade Relations

Mojtaba Safaei, the Head of Iran Chamber of Guilds, recently welcomed Abdullah bin Saud al-Anzi, the new Ambassador of Saudi Arabia to Tehran, in a meeting focused on bolstering trade ties between the two nations. Held at the invitation of the Chamber of Guilds, the gathering included leaders from various Tehran unions, engaging in discussions about Iran's export capabilities.

During the meeting, Safaei expressed the significance of strengthening relations with Saudi Arabia, aligning with the policies outlined by President Raisi and referenced by the Leader of the Islamic Revolution. He highlighted the historical trade interactions between the two countries, emphasizing that despite diplomatic challenges, the private sector and professional enterprises are ready to collaborate on trade.

Safaei emphasized that Iran and Saudi Arabia are pivotal players in the Islamic world, and the existing gap in diplomatic relations has negatively impacted both nations' economies. He underscored the readiness of Iran's industries to contribute to Saudi Arabia's ambitious plans, particularly in trade, mining, building materials, and other sectors.

Notably, Safaei outlined the potential for Iranian products such as Persian carpets, leather goods, shoes, medical equipment, food, handicrafts, and more to make significant strides in the Saudi market. He also proposed collaboration in building hotels, properties, and tourism infrastructure.

The Head of Iran Chamber of Guilds advocated for the creation of a specialized working group to facilitate trade and achieve desirable results. He suggested that this working group focus on various fields in a specialized manner to enhance commercial goals between both countries.

The Saudi Ambassador responded optimistically, expressing hope for stable relations and mutually beneficial trade opportunities between Iran and Saudi Arabia. He acknowledged the pivotal role of the private sector in both nations and highlighted the openness and developmental potential of the Saudi economy, especially in line with the Crown Prince's Vision 2030. The envoy emphasized that the progress in Saudi Arabia would not only benefit the country but would also be advantageous for the entire region.

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