DECEMBER 9, 2022
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Iran Warns of Potential Preemptive Action Against Israel in Response to Gaza Bombing

Iran Warns of Potential Preemptive Action Against Israel in Response to Gaza Bombing

Iranian Foreign Minister Hossein Amirabdollahian issued a warning on Monday, stating that preemptive action against Israel could be anticipated "in the coming hours" in response to its bombings in Gaza, as reported by Iranian state TV.

Amirabdollahian emphasized that Israel, engaged in an air campaign against the Palestinian militant group Hamas with a ground invasion looming, would face consequences for its actions in the Gaza Strip. He asserted that leaders of the resistance would not permit Israel to take any actions in Gaza, emphasizing the open consideration of all options to address what he labeled as war crimes against the people of Gaza.

"The resistance front is capable of waging a long-term war with Israel... in the coming hours, we can expect a preemptive action by the resistance front," he added, warning of the possibility of opening new fronts if the alleged crimes in Gaza persist.

The conflict between Israel and Hamas, ongoing since October 7, has resulted in a significant loss of life on both sides, surpassing 4,000 casualties. Amidst this, U.S. officials express concerns that Hezbollah might enter the conflict, potentially broadening the scope of the conflict. Iran, supporting Hamas, has denied involvement in the planning of the attacks but has shown apparent satisfaction in Israel's intelligence failure to anticipate Hamas's plans.

Addressing the situation, Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Gen. Charles Q. Brown emphasized the desire to convey a strong message against broadening the conflict, particularly aimed at Iran.

Earlier on Monday, Amirabdollahian posted on the platform formerly known as Twitter, now "X," stating that "time is running out for political solutions" to the ongoing war.

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