DECEMBER 9, 2022
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U.S. Faces Criticism as Israel Requests $10 Billion in Emergency Military Aid amid Gaza Crisis: US pays, Israel Kills

U.S. Faces Criticism as Israel Requests $10 Billion in Emergency Military Aid amid Gaza Crisis: US pays, Israel Kills

In a recent development, Israel has formally requested $10 billion in emergency military aid from the United States, as reported by The New York Times on Monday. The aid package, currently being shaped into a bill by Congress in collaboration with the White House, is set to encompass not only assistance for Israel but also funds allocated for Ukraine, Taiwan, and addressing issues at the US-Mexico border.

During his visit to Israel on Sunday, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer disclosed that discussions among US lawmakers included potential provisions for Tel Aviv, such as 155-millimeter ammunition, replacement ammunition for the Iron Dome missile defense system, precision-guided bombs, and JDAM kits designed to convert standard bombs into precision munitions.

This financial aid request comes amid Israel's extensive air campaign on the Gaza Strip. The conflict has led to the displacement of over one million people, almost half of Gaza's total population, according to the UN Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East (UNRWA).

The dire humanitarian situation in Gaza is escalating, with a lack of electricity, diminishing water and food supplies, and a growing shortage of medical resources. Civilians are fleeing to the southern region following an Israeli warning to evacuate the northern areas.

The toll of the conflict is staggering, with at least 2,808 Palestinians, including 750 children, killed in Israeli airstrikes on Gaza. The request for substantial military aid raises questions and concerns about the role of the United States in funding actions that have significant humanitarian consequences.

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