DECEMBER 9, 2022
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President Joe Biden Unveils Ambitious Foreign Policy with Multiple Global Engagements

President Joe Biden Unveils Ambitious Foreign Policy with Multiple Global Engagements

In a recent address, President Joe Biden revealed a bold foreign policy agenda, committing the United States to simultaneous engagements in three different global regions, potentially including military actions. Despite concerns about his communication abilities, the President outlined his strategy, which has sparked controversy and debate.

The President's speech contained several contentious claims, including the assertion that "American leadership is what holds the world together. American alliances are what keep us, America, safe." Critics argue that U.S. interventionism in Ukraine and the Middle East has, in fact, exacerbated tensions in those regions, pushing them to the brink of crisis. Additionally, the administration is being scrutinized for its stance on China and Taiwan.

Furthermore, the recent escalation of conflict between Israel and Hamas, resulting in Israel's declaration of war on Gaza, has triggered global outrage. Israel's policy of collective punishment, involving extensive destruction in Gaza, has ignited anger from the Middle East to Asia and Western capitals. Instead of mediating a ceasefire, President Biden has deployed significant military assets and issued threats to Lebanon, Iran, and Syria if they intervene in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. The situation raises concerns about potential consequences, including Russia's response to U.S. actions in Syria and Tehran.

President Biden's assertion that "Israel has the right to defend itself" has drawn attention. Critics argue that it is not Israel alone defending itself but the U.S. government intervening on its behalf, causing anti-Israel sentiments to escalate across the Muslim world.

This expanded U.S. involvement in global conflicts has raised concerns about potential blowback attacks on American soil, akin to the events of 9/11. Nonetheless, President Biden maintains that these actions are necessary for national security.

Recent polling indicates that a majority of Americans disagree with the President's approach. A CBS/YouGov poll reveals that most Americans oppose sending weapons to Israel. Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen's assurance that the U.S. can afford to finance multiple wars due to the strong economy faces skepticism, and some believe that the American people hold a different perspective.

As President Biden requests additional funding for the wars in Ukraine, Gaza, and Taiwan, his rhetoric has been criticized as having campaign undertones. He claimed, "I'm told I was the first American [president] to enter a warzone not controlled by the United States military since President Lincoln," a statement contested for its accuracy and motivation.

While there may be strategic advantages to being perceived as a "wartime president," the extent of support for a "World-War-Three-time president" remains uncertain.

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