DECEMBER 9, 2022
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Gaza health ministry lists names of 6,747 Palestinians killed by Israel

Gaza health ministry lists names of 6,747 Palestinians killed by Israel

The Ministry of Health in Gaza published a report on 26 October with the names of the Palestinians killed by Israel in its 19-day bombing campaign in Gaza, in response to the skepticism of the expressed by the US and Israel. 

The list of the dead included in the report of the Ministry of Health in Gaza includes the names of 6,747 people, including 2,665 children. The report does not include the names of another 281 Palestinians who have been killed, but not yet identified.

The report issued by the Ministry of Health in Gaza, which has been subjected to aerial and artillery bombardment since the seventh of this month, was 212 pages long, with the age, gender, and ID number of each victim clearly stated.

On 26 October, US President Joseph Biden questioned the validity of the casualty numbers announced by the ministry, which have shocked international observers and led to accusations that Israel is committing war crimes and even genocide

Critics have suggested the health ministry, which is controlled by Hamas as the ruling faction in Gaza, is reporting inflated casualty numbers to win international sympathy for the Palestinian cause.

However, the Washington Post reported that the casualty numbers reported by the ministry during the course of the decades long Israel-Palestine conflict have long proven accurate.


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