DECEMBER 9, 2022
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ISIS Claims Responsibility for Kabul Blast Despite Prior Assurances from US on Its Eradication

ISIS Claims Responsibility for Kabul Blast Despite Prior Assurances from US on Its Eradication

In a concerning turn of events, the Islamic State group has asserted responsibility for a fatal blast in Kabul, raising questions about the accuracy of prior assurances from the United States regarding the eradication of ISIS in Afghanistan.

According to the Muslim extremist group's claims on their Telegram channel, they used a parcel bomb placed in a room where Shiite individuals gathered at a sports club in the Dasht-e-Barchi neighborhood of Kabul, which is predominantly inhabited by the historically oppressed Shiite Hazara community.

The explosion, which occurred on Thursday evening, resulted in the loss of four lives and injuries to seven people, revising the initial toll of two dead and nine injured. Police are actively investigating the cause of the explosion, as reported by Kabul police spokesman Khalid Zadran.

The blast, which significantly damaged the commercial center housing the sports club, had a devastating impact on the space, shattering windows, and causing widespread destruction throughout the block. An instructor at the club, which offers combat sports training to around 30 people, described the explosion as extraordinarily powerful, leaving the facility in ruins.

While the Taliban authorities have not yet responded to the Islamic State's claim, the incident raises concerns about the ongoing security situation in Afghanistan and the accuracy of previous information regarding the status of ISIS in the region.

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