DECEMBER 9, 2022
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More than 30 Journalists Lose Lives Due to Israel Brutal Airstrikes

More than 30 Journalists Lose Lives Due to Israel Brutal Airstrikes

The Committee to Protect Journalists reported that a tragic toll of at least 30 journalists has lost their lives in the recent Israeli attacks. Among the casualties, there are 25 Palestinian journalists and one Lebanese journalist.

Israel has launched near-continuous airstrikes on Gaza, resulting in a devastating death toll of over 8,000 people, with over 3,000 of them being children.

Amid these challenging circumstances, journalists reporting from Gaza persist in carrying out their professional duties, despite Amnesty International's characterization of "war crimes" involving collective punishment and indiscriminate attacks. However, Palestinian journalists in the West Bank, Gaza, and other regions express the immense physical, emotional, and mental strains they are enduring. They face increased censorship and report deliberate Israeli gunfire.

Al Jazeera recently conducted interviews with several Palestinian journalists in Gaza, the West Bank, and beyond to shed light on their experiences and the challenging conditions they are confronting.

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