DECEMBER 9, 2022
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Nutshell Video: ‘This Is Not What Fighting Hamas Looks Like’: Israel Orders All of Northern Gaza to Evacuate

Nutshell Video: ‘This Is Not What Fighting Hamas Looks Like’: Israel Orders All of Northern Gaza to Evacuate

In a deeply concerning development, the Israeli military has issued an evacuation order to the entire population of northern Gaza, encompassing around 1.1 million people, with a 24-hour deadline for them to move to the southern part of the territory. This order has raised alarm over the potential for a worsening humanitarian crisis, as Israel readies for a ground invasion and continues its intense bombing campaign. With already hundreds of thousands of Gaza residents displaced due to Israeli airstrikes and a death toll exceeding 1,500 people, this directive affects nearly half of Gaza's population. The United Nations has expressed grave concern, emphasizing the severe humanitarian consequences such a mass movement could bring, and called for the order to be rescinded.

On the ground in northern Gaza, residents reacted with confusion and urgency as they attempted to pack up their belongings and evacuate to the southern region. The situation was further compounded by communication disruptions, making it difficult for Palestinians to receive direct evacuation orders from the military. There are fears that those unable to flee may be wrongly labeled as participating in hostilities, putting them at risk. Humanitarian organizations and rights groups have strongly condemned the evacuation order, with some characterizing it as a potential war crime of forcible transfer. They stress that innocent civilians, including children, women, and the elderly, are at risk, and the international community is urged to demand the immediate rescission of this directive. These developments take place as Gaza's healthcare system teeters on the brink of collapse, with shortages of electricity, medical supplies, and essential resources, further intensifying the ongoing humanitarian crisis in the region.

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