DECEMBER 9, 2022
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Iraqi resistance escalates attacks in Syria, Iraq

Iraqi resistance escalates attacks in Syria, Iraq

Terrorism Group in Iraq’s Kurdistan Region reported that a US military base in Erbil was targeted in two separate attacks involving three explosive-laden drones on 7 November.

“This morning, an international coalition military base at Erbil International Airport was attacked by two explosive-laden drones, which were detonated in the sky,” a statement from the Counter-Terrorism Group said.

Another drone attack occurred at the same location earlier in the day, where an explosive-laden drone fell without detonating, the statement added.

A local source speaking with Shafaq News reported the downing of several drones in a separate attack near Erbil International Airport around 4:00 a.m.

The source added, “The US Consulate sounded alarms during the attack,” noting that “the extent of the damage is not known yet.”

Civilian air traffic was suspended following the attack, leading to the postponement of several flights.

Armed Shia factions known as the Islamic Resistance in Iraq have escalated their attacks on US military bases in both Iraq and Syria in support of the Hamas-led Palestinian resistance in Gaza.

Along with Hezbollah in Lebanon, the Iraqi resistance enjoys support from Iran and seeks to pressure the US and Israel on multiple fronts.

The attack in Erbil comes one day after the Iraqi resistance carried out six drone attacks against US targets. Drones targeted the Ain al-Asad base in Iraq’s Anbar province, the US base near Erbil International Airport, and the Tel Baydar and Al-Tanf bases occupied by US forces in northeast Syria, Rudaw reported on 7 November.

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