DECEMBER 9, 2022
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Mahmoud Abbas says Israel’s war on Gaza is ‘genocide’

Mahmoud Abbas says Israel’s war on Gaza is ‘genocide’

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas says the ongoing Israeli aggression and constant bombardment of the besieged Gaza Strip is a barbaric war and genocide.

“We are facing together a barbaric war of aggression and an open war of genocide against our people in the Gaza Strip and in the West Bank,” Abbas made the remarks during a speech in Ramallah on Wednesday.  

Abbas strongly condemned the ongoing war in the Gaza Strip and the violence Palestinians face in the occupied West Bank as "a war on the Palestinian existence and on the Palestinian national identity."

“It is a war against the existence of the Palestinians, against the Palestinian national identity, the identity of the land and the identity of its inhabitants.” the president said.

“Palestine is our only homeland and we will not accept an alternative, and if there is anyone who must leave our land it is the occupation – and only the occupation.”

Abbas went on to say the dead in Gaza “will be a curse to the occupation and to those who stand behind it or remain silent about the war crimes it commits against our people” – in a clear sign of exasperation at the silence of some in the international community.

“It is an episode in the series of aggression that has continued for more than a century. It is also a disgrace to those who support this aggression and provide it with political and military cover," he said.

"The remains of our children who were torn apart by the missiles of this Israeli aggression, and the blood of our women and men whose hopes and lives were assassinated by the missiles of the aggression army," he added. 

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