DECEMBER 9, 2022
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As Israel bombs Gaza, Ireland’s enduring support of Palestine gets stronger

As Israel bombs Gaza, Ireland’s enduring support of Palestine gets stronger

Ireland emerges as a distinctive voice in the Western world, vocalizing criticism of Israel and advocating for Palestinian rights amid the ongoing Middle East conflict.

In a surprising turn, Irish leader Leo Varadkar, initially silent on the matter, has become one of the few European officials sounding the alarm just a week later.

"Israel doesn't have the right to do wrong," Varadkar declared, departing from the rhetoric of most European leaders who emphasized Israel's "right" to self-defense during its Gaza bombing campaign led by Hamas.

As the Middle East conflict rages, the death toll in Gaza continues to rise, with over 11,400 Palestinians killed by Israel in just 41 days of war.

Varadkar further criticized Israel's bombardment, stating that it "amounts to collective punishment," a violation prohibited under the Geneva Conventions.

Irish President Michael D Higgins, though largely in a ceremonial role, distanced Ireland from European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen's unconditional support for Israel on October 16, emphasizing that she was "not speaking for Ireland" and failing to acknowledge the ongoing occupation of Palestinian lands.

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