DECEMBER 9, 2022
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US plans $320-mn transfer of precision bombs to Israel amid regime’s genocide in Gaza

US plans $320-mn transfer of precision bombs to Israel amid regime’s genocide in Gaza

The United States is planning transfer of 320 million dollars worth of precision bombs to Israel amid the regime's relentless genocidal war against the besieged Gaza Strip.

The Wall Street Journal revealed the information in a Monday report, citing a source familiar with the plan.

The report said US President Joe Biden's administration has informed Congress of the planned transfer of Spice Family Gliding Bomb Assemblies through a formal notification sent to congressional leaders on October 31.

Spice Family Gliding Bomb Assemblies constitute a special type of precision-guided weapon, which is fired by warplanes.

Citing correspondence it had viewed, the report added that weapons manufacturer Rafael USA would transfer the bombs to its Israeli parent company Rafael Advanced Defense Systems for deployment by the Israeli military.

The United States, Israel's biggest and oldest ally, has provided the regime with thousands of arms consignments since the initiation of the war.

On Thursday, the US House of Representatives passed a standalone $14.3-billion military assistance package for Israel. The legislation, however, is yet to clear the Senate. 

Washington, which has backed Tel Aviv's ferocious attacks on Gaza as a means of "self-defense," has also been casting its veto against the United Nations Security Council resolutions that called on the occupying regime to cease its aggression.

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