DECEMBER 9, 2022
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Gaza crimes reveal disintegration of defeated, deranged Israeli regime: Iran cmdr.

Gaza crimes reveal disintegration of defeated, deranged Israeli regime: Iran cmdr.

A senior Iranian Army commander says Israeli crimes against the Palestinian people in the Gaza Strip are a sign of the regime’s weakness and decay.

“Now, the Zionist regime (Israel) is in a position of weakness and collapse and the presence of media has revealed all the realities on the ground and nothing is hidden from anyone,” Rear Admiral Habibollah Sayyari, deputy chief of the Iranian Army for Coordination, told Mehr news agency.

He urged the self-styled advocates of human rights to pay heed to Israel’s ongoing atrocities against the oppressed and defenseless people of Gaza.

The Israeli regime would have collapsed by now if it were not for the United States and European countries’ support, he argued. 

The top Iranian commander further said if the Israeli regime was not weak and sought to fight strongly, it would have used practical military tactics instead of targeting women and children in Gaza hospitals.

Sayyari likened the Israeli regime to a mad person who carries out whatever act and emphasized, "This indicates its weakness."

No one in the world regards harming innocent civilians, particularly women and children, as a military operation or a tactic, he added.

Sayyari slammed Israel’s raids on the Gaza Strip’s al-Shifa Hospital under the pretext that there were hidden tunnels under it that were used by the Palestinian resistance movement Hamas, saying the regime has failed to even prove its claims and “everyone acknowledged that this was an exaggeration.”

Israel has turned Gaza’s hospitals into a specific target of its ongoing war of genocide against the coastal sliver, alleging that those facilities house Palestinian resistance fighters and their equipment.

Al-Shifa, Gaza’s biggest hospital, has taken the brunt of the Israeli assaults on the territory’s healthcare system, with the regime claiming that it houses a “command center” belonging to Hamas.

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