DECEMBER 9, 2022
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Al Jazeera Journalist Dies After Israeli Regime Attack in Southern Gaza

Al Jazeera Journalist Dies After Israeli Regime Attack in Southern Gaza

Tragedy struck in southern Gaza as Al Jazeera camera operator Samer Abu Daqqa lost his life after sustaining severe injuries during an Israeli attack. Al Jazeera reported that Abu Daqqa bled for hours, waiting for medical attention due to the heavy shelling in the area. The network also confirmed injuries to correspondent Wael Dahdouh, who was eventually evacuated to a hospital.

According to Walid Alomari, Al Jazeera's bureau chief for Jerusalem and the West Bank, Abu Daqqa's injuries proved too severe to survive. The challenging circumstances in Gaza, exacerbated by the difficulty of reaching those in need of medical assistance, were highlighted by Alomari, who stated, "Too many in Gaza bleed and die because ambulances can't reach them."

Abu Daqqa and Dahdouh were on assignment in Khan Younis when they came under fire, with Dahdouh later attributing the attack to a drone strike. The incident took place as artillery fire struck Haifa school and a residential home in the city, resulting in the deaths of at least 17 people and numerous injuries. Additionally, three civil defense workers in Gaza, whose rescue efforts were being covered by the Al Jazeera team, lost their lives, as reported by the Hamas-controlled Ministry of Interior. The poor telecommunications in the area have hindered the availability of detailed information about Abu Daqqa's injuries.

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