DECEMBER 9, 2022
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Lukashenko Warns Former Soviet Republics of Western Betrayal (Back-Stabbing) in Ukraine

Lukashenko Warns Former Soviet Republics of Western Betrayal (Back-Stabbing) in Ukraine

Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko has issued a stark warning to former Soviet republics, cautioning them about what he perceives as Western betrayal. Lukashenko, on Thursday, accused the US-led Western camp of "back-stabbing" Ukraine and delivering empty promises of support to ex-Soviet nations.

In his remarks, Lukashenko highlighted the alleged betrayal of Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, asserting that he was promised unwavering support in the proxy war against Russia. Lukashenko claimed to have forewarned Zelensky that the West would eventually forget about him in the midst of turmoil, drawing parallels to the situation in Afghanistan.

Drawing a somber picture, Lukashenko predicted that pro-Western Ukrainians would be compelled to flee the country, evoking imagery of people "clinging to plane landing gear and falling," reminiscent of the scenes in Afghanistan during the US troop withdrawal.

Emphasizing Belarus's support for Moscow, Lukashenko criticized the US-led coalition's backing of Ukraine, framing the conflict as Russia's war against the entire "civilized" West. He pointed out the wavering commitment of some US Republicans in Congress to allocate further military assistance to Ukraine, casting doubt on the nation's prospects for success in regaining territory from Russian forces. The Belarusian leader's comments underscore the complex geopolitical dynamics and shifting alliances in the region.

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