DECEMBER 9, 2022
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US, While Being There for more than 20 years, Warns Citizens against Traveling to Afghanistan

US, While Being There for more than 20 years, Warns Citizens against Traveling to Afghanistan

The US State Department of State has warned all its citizens against travelling to Afghanistan, while it was resposnbile for the seciroty of the country for more than 20 years and finaly done nothing. 

The warning emphasizes the risk of U.S. citizens being arrested in Afghanistan.

On Monday,  the Department issued a statement noting the active presence of terrorist groups in Afghanistan.

The statement claims that foreign activities in Afghanistan are viewed with suspicion and humanitarian aid workers have faced harassment and arrest by the Taliban administration.

The U.S. State Department added that there is a high risk of arrest even for those registered for business purposes.

The department warns that arrests can be prolonged, and during detention, U.S. citizens may have limited access to health care or face physical harassment.

According to the U.S. State Department, since 2021, its operations have been suspended, and the U.S. government cannot provide urgent services to its citizens in Afghanistan.

The statement also mentions that they are unable to contact U.S. citizens who are imprisoned.

Previously, countries like Australia, the United Kingdom, and Germany had also advised their citizens not to travel to Afghanistan due to security concerns.

Although the Taliban administration has consistently denied claims about security threats in Afghanistan, it has not reacted to this move by the United States.

The situation highlights the ongoing security challenges in the region.

The alert serves as a stark reminder of the complex geopolitical dynamics affecting Afghanistan.

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