DECEMBER 9, 2022
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Iraq Sends Fuel Tanker to Egypt in Humanitarian Effort for Gaza, Plans Ongoing Aid Shipments

Iraq Sends Fuel Tanker to Egypt in Humanitarian Effort for Gaza, Plans Ongoing Aid Shipments

Iraq announced on Thursday that it has dispatched a fuel tanker to Egypt as part of its efforts to address the fuel shortage crisis in the Gaza Strip. The region is grappling with severe fuel shortages, hampering relief efforts and exacerbating the humanitarian crisis caused by an Israeli blockade.

Zidan Khalaf, Advisor to the Prime Minister on Human Rights, confirmed the initiative, revealing that an Iraqi tanker carrying ten million liters of fuel has set sail for the Suez Canal. This move is aimed at providing crucial assistance to Palestinians in Gaza, where the scarcity of fuel has posed significant challenges to essential services and infrastructure.

In a commitment to ongoing support, the Iraqi government expressed its intention to send additional aid shipments to Gaza in the future. The delivery of fuel is expected to alleviate some of the immediate challenges faced by the local population, allowing for improved access to power, transportation, and other vital services.

The fuel shortage in Gaza has been further compounded by the Israeli blockade, hindering the flow of essential goods and contributing to a worsening humanitarian crisis. By extending assistance, Iraq aims to contribute to the alleviation of the suffering of Palestinians in Gaza and support international efforts to address the pressing needs of the population.

Meanwhile, health officials in Gaza reported a concerning toll, stating that around 20,000 Palestinians have lost their lives since October 7th. The escalating conflict and deteriorating living conditions underscore the urgency of humanitarian aid and intervention in the region. The Iraqi government's initiative to send a fuel tanker is a step towards providing immediate relief, with a commitment to continued support for the people of Gaza in the days to come.

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