DECEMBER 9, 2022
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Iranian President Ebrahim Raeisi Urges Global Efforts to End Israeli Aggression on Gaza, Message Pope

Iranian President Ebrahim Raeisi Urges Global Efforts to End Israeli Aggression on Gaza, Message Pope

In a message addressed to Pope Francis on the eve of Christmas, Iranian President Ebrahim Raeisi expressed his hope for an end to the ongoing Israeli aggression on the Gaza Strip in the New Year. Raeisi called on the "international community and all the truthful people of the world" to commit to concerted efforts that could bring about an end to the mass killing of people in Gaza.

Raeisi identified the invasion of Gaza by the Zionist regime of Israel as the most urgent global challenge in the days leading to the New Year. He lamented the loss of thousands of lives in Gaza, attributing it to the lack of action by international organizations and the support provided to Israel by the United States and certain European countries.

Since Israel launched hostilities in early October, more than 20,000 people have lost their lives in Gaza, with tensions escalating after an operation by the Gaza-based Hamas resistance movement in the Israeli-occupied territories. The continuous Israeli aggression on Gaza and the backing from the US and its allies have faced increasing international criticism.

In his message to the Pope, Raeisi extended congratulations on the occasion of Jesus Christ's birth, expressing wishes for the pontiff's health and prosperity for all Christians in the year 2024. Raeisi emphasized the importance of reflecting on the noble qualities of Jesus Christ and using the lifestyle and methods of divine prophets to guide humanity towards excellence.

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