DECEMBER 9, 2022
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Hamas Official Accuses Biden of Complicity in Gaza Massacre, Criticizes US Stance at UN

Hamas Official Accuses Biden of Complicity in Gaza Massacre, Criticizes US Stance at UN

A senior Hamas official, Izzat al-Rishq, has accused US President Joe Biden of being a "partner in crime" with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in the ongoing massacre of the Palestinian people in the Gaza Strip. The condemnation comes in response to Biden's statement on Saturday, where he revealed that he did not request a ceasefire in a telephone call with Netanyahu regarding the Israel-Hamas conflict in Gaza.

Al-Rishq strongly condemned Biden's remarks, asserting that they demonstrate the US president's complicity in the killing and destruction occurring in the besieged Gaza Strip. He described Biden's comments as an insult to the international community and countries that have called for an end to the aggression against Gaza.

Netanyahu's office expressed appreciation for the US stance at the UN Security Council, emphasizing Israel's determination to continue the war until all its goals are achieved. Despite a Security Council resolution demanding increased aid deliveries to Gaza, it stopped short of an immediate ceasefire, a move opposed by the US. The resolution also faced US resistance in establishing a UN monitoring mechanism for aid, allowing Israel to maintain a role in inspecting deliveries.

Since the conflict's onset, the US has supplied over 10,000 tons of military equipment to Israel and consistently vetoed UN Security Council resolutions calling for an immediate Gaza ceasefire.

Another Hamas official, Basem Naim, voiced frustration over the lack of serious global action against Israeli crimes. He highlighted Israel's ultimatum to Palestinians in Gaza—either "leave" or "die." Naim affirmed the Palestinian resolve to "live freely or die defending our homeland" and emphasized that the main goal of Israeli mass killings is to expel Palestinians from their land.

Speaking at the Tehran International Conference on Palestine, Naim noted that videos from Gaza capture only part of Palestinian courage and bravery, claiming that the damage inflicted on Israel exceeds what is publicly disclosed.

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