DECEMBER 9, 2022
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Afghan Villagers Remember Decades of U.S. Operations, Highlighting Civilian Casualties

Afghan Villagers Remember Decades of U.S. Operations, Highlighting Civilian Casualties

Years after the conclusion of the 20-year U.S. military presence in Afghanistan, Afghan villagers still vividly recall the operations and bombardments carried out by U.S. troops. Sayed Aziz, a resident of eastern Wardak province, shared the tragic memory of a U.S. aerial strike that claimed the lives of 10 people, including eight members of his brother Qari's family, more than a decade ago.

Aziz recounted the devastating events, emphasizing that U.S. ground forces arrived in the area, and warplanes conducted air raids resulting in the loss of innocent lives, including women and children. Qari, a poor farmer, lost his children, wife, and grandchildren in the tragic incident.

Reflecting on the grim day, Aziz described how Qari, while irrigating his farmland, witnessed the air raids that left him with nothing upon his return home. According to Aziz, the U.S. presence brought no good to the Afghan people, as bombings targeted civilians, including children and even wedding ceremonies.

Hajji Esmatullah, another villager, corroborated the account, asserting that U.S. troops killed Afghan civilians during their time in the country. Esmatullah witnessed warplanes dropping bombs indiscriminately, leading to civilian casualties, with one bomb hitting a villager inside his shop and another striking Qari's house, claiming the lives of family members.

Mawlawi Habibullah Mujahid, the provincial head for Information and Culture in Wardak, condemned the U.S. troops' actions, stating, "In Afghanistan, the U.S. troops have trampled on human rights." The accounts from Afghan villagers underscore the lasting impact of civilian casualties and the toll of conflict on local communities.

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