DECEMBER 9, 2022
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US Approves Second Emergency Arms Sale to Israel Despite Mounting International Concerns

US Approves Second Emergency Arms Sale to Israel Despite Mounting International Concerns

The Biden administration has, for the second time in less than a month, bypassed Congress to approve an emergency weapons sale to Israel. US Secretary of State Antony Blinken cited the urgency of Israel's needs in the ongoing conflict in Gaza as the reason for approving a $147.5 million arms sale, covering fuses, chargers, and primers for high-explosive artillery munitions.

This emergency provision, which waives the usual congressional review, was also used in December for a $106 million sale of tank ammunition. The United States emphasized its commitment to Israel's security in justifying the emergency determination.

Despite growing international outrage over Washington's support for Israel's actions in Gaza, the US and its Western allies continue to provide financial and logistical support to Israel. The Tel Aviv regime has received over 10,000 tons of military equipment from the United States, which has consistently vetoed UN Security Council resolutions calling for an immediate ceasefire.

Critics, including international rights advocacy groups and Palestinian resistance movements, view the US as an accomplice in what they describe as Israel's genocidal war on Gaza. Since the conflict began in October, over 21,000 people, predominantly children and women, have lost their lives, and more than 55,000 have been wounded. The United Nations has characterized the situation in Gaza as "beyond catastrophic," with residents struggling for basic necessities in crowded shelters or tents.

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