DECEMBER 9, 2022
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ISIS Claims Responsibility for Deadly Twin Explosions at Soleimani Memorial in Kerman, Iran

ISIS Claims Responsibility for Deadly Twin Explosions at Soleimani Memorial in Kerman, Iran

The terrorist group Daesh has claimed responsibility for twin explosions that rocked a memorial event for the late General Qassem Soleimani in Kerman, southeastern Iran. The blasts resulted in the tragic loss of at least 84 lives and left numerous others wounded. In a statement circulated on its affiliate Telegram channels, Daesh asserted that two of its members had detonated explosive belts within the crowd gathered at a cemetery to commemorate the anniversary of Gen. Soleimani's assassination by the United States.

An unnamed source informed Iran's official news agency, IRNA, that the first explosion, occurring at the cemetery in Gen. Soleimani's hometown, was likely the outcome of a suicide bomber's actions. The identity of the suicide bomber, who was severely dismembered in the blast, is currently under investigation. The source suggested that the cause of the second explosion was likely similar to the first.

The explosions took place at distances of 1.5 km and 2.7 km from Gen. Soleimani's burial site, making it impossible to pass through the inspection gates in the area.

The United Nations Security Council condemned the "cowardly terrorist attack" in Kerman, expressing condolences to the victims' families and the Iranian government.

Iran declared a day of mourning for the victims, with citizens across the country participating in gatherings and expressing anti-Israel and anti-American sentiments. Mass protests are anticipated after Friday prayers, coinciding with the funerals of the victims.

Iran's Supreme National Security Council held a special session to instruct intelligence, security, and law enforcement agencies to swiftly identify and punish those responsible for the bombings. Emphasizing the need to track down clues and expose the perpetrators, the Council called for decisive action against those involved in the heinous crime. The incident underscores heightened tensions in the region and the ongoing threat posed by extremist groups.

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