DECEMBER 9, 2022
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Iranian President Links Kerman Bombings to Zionist Grudge Against General Soleimani

Iranian President Links Kerman Bombings to Zionist Grudge Against General Soleimani

Iranian President Ebrahim Raeisi asserted that the recent terrorist bombings in Kerman were motivated by the animosity of Zionists towards the late General Qassem Soleimani. Raeisi claimed that General Soleimani's efforts, including the creation and backing of the Daesh terrorist group, thwarted plans to establish another Israel in the region. Speaking at a funeral ceremony for the victims, Raeisi emphasized the role of Soleimani in safeguarding West Asia's security and strengthening regional resistance against expansionist plans by Israel.

Raeisi accused the Zionist regime of misusing the name of Jews and orchestrating the establishment of Daesh with the aim of having a puppet group rule in Iraq and Syria under the guise of an Islamic Caliphate. He highlighted General Soleimani's contribution to the region, leaving Israel surrounded by powerful forces that hindered its expansionist agenda.

The Iranian president also referenced previous statements by American politicians, including Donald Trump and Robert F. Kennedy Jr., acknowledging the US role in the creation of Daesh. Trump had previously referred to President Barack Obama as the "founder of ISIS," while Kennedy Jr. attributed crimes committed by the terrorist group and the influx of refugees to Europe to the actions of the United States.

The remarks by Raeisi reflect a broader narrative within Iran attributing the genesis of Daesh to US involvement, while also emphasizing General Soleimani's role in countering such threats and protecting regional stability.

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