DECEMBER 9, 2022
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Tragedy Strikes as Two-Year-Old Victim Emerges Among 91 Martyrs in Kerman Terror Attacks

Tragedy Strikes as Two-Year-Old Victim Emerges Among 91 Martyrs in Kerman Terror Attacks

In the aftermath of the devastating terror attacks on Wednesday in Kerman city, southeastern Iran, the hometown of the revered anti-terror commander Martyr Gen. Qassem Soleimani, a heart-wrenching detail has come to light. Among the 91 victims, a tender two-year-old girl named Reyhane Soltani Nejad lost her life in the two suicide bombings claimed by Daesh's Khorasan chapter.

The little angel, adorned in a pink jacket and heart-shaped earrings, unknowingly participated in the commemoration of the fourth martyrdom anniversary of Gen. Qassem Soleimani. Tragically, Reyhane's tiny body was identified by her distinctive clothing, torn into pieces by the blasts. Artificial Intelligence-generated images of her have circulated on social media, capturing the profound sadness of the incident.

While Daesh claimed responsibility, experts suggest that the attacks may bear the hallmarks of the Israeli regime. As Kerman mourns its martyrs, a poignant video emerged from the crowd at the funeral, featuring a mother with her daughter dressed similarly to Reyhane. The video has been widely shared online, showcasing the depth of love and solidarity people have for the victims.

In Tehran, the municipality expressed its grief through banners and billboards, prominently featuring the image of the two-year-old girl with the caption: "A two-year-old girl with a pink jacket and heart-shaped earrings."

Netizens have flooded social media with tributes to Reyhane and other martyrs, condemning the heinous attacks on those gathered to mourn their beloved commander. Numerous hashtags dedicated to the youngest Kerman martyr have gained traction on platforms like X and Instagram. University lecturer and author Muhammad Shojaee, in a heartfelt post on X, questioned the senseless loss: "An adorable doll, oh excuse me, a nearly two-year-old innocent toddler, with a pink jacket and heart-shaped earrings, who became a victim of the recent terrorist act in Kerman, Iran."

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