DECEMBER 9, 2022
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Former Palestinian Prisoner Compares Israeli Jails to Infamous US Prisons, Describing Inhumane Conditions

Former Palestinian Prisoner Compares Israeli Jails to Infamous US Prisons, Describing Inhumane Conditions

A recently released Palestinian prisoner, Louay al-Taweel, has shared his harrowing experience in various Israeli prisons, particularly highlighting the notorious Negev Prison. Drawing parallels with the infamous Guantanamo Bay and Abu Ghraib prisons in the U.S., al-Taweel spoke of torture, humiliation, and severe deprivation of food and medicine in Israeli detention facilities.

In an interview with the London-based Middle East Monitor, al-Taweel described the hazardous conditions in Israeli prisons, emphasizing the absence of laws and human rights organizations. He singled out Negev Prison as the worst, where prisoners were denied exposure to sunlight and fresh air.

Arrested last October under Israel's administrative detention policy, al-Taweel spoke of challenging conditions, including physical and psychological torture, food deprivation, and insults. He recounted the shocking experience at Negev Prison, where prisoners faced humiliating strip searches, severe beatings, insults, and abuses.

Al-Taweel highlighted the ill health of many prisoners, particularly the elderly, due to medical neglect and daily abuse. He revealed that any form of worship, reading the Quran, congregational prayer, and raising the call to prayer were prohibited.

The testimony sheds light on the dire situation faced by Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails, with over 7,000 reportedly held captive. The "administrative detention" policy has led to the prolonged imprisonment of hundreds without formal charges for up to 11 years. Recent reports have also exposed instances of beatings, threats, and inhumane conditions, underscoring the urgent need for attention to the plight of Palestinian detainees.

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