DECEMBER 9, 2022
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Document Reveals US Intelligence Support for Israeli Targeting Operations in Gaza

Document Reveals US Intelligence Support for Israeli Targeting Operations in Gaza

A recent document has exposed the Biden administration's quiet provision of intelligence to Israel for targeting purposes in the war-torn Gaza Strip. The revelation discloses the deployment of US Air Force "intelligence engagement officers on the ground" to assist Israel in conducting airstrikes and using long-range artillery weapons. Obtained under the Freedom of Information Act and published by The Intercept, the deployment order shows that the Biden administration has been conducting surveillance drone missions over Gaza since at least early November. The intelligence is ostensibly provided to Israeli officials for capturing individuals held in the Palestinian territory.

While initially denying participation in target development, the US Air Force issued deployment guidelines for officers, including intelligence engagement officers, weeks later. The document outlines deployment instructions for air personnel sent to Israel, including an "Air Defense Liaison Team" and an "Intelligence Engagement Officer (IEO)." Experts suggest that such targeting officers would likely provide satellite intelligence for offensive targeting, potentially targeting individuals.

Amid the International Court of Justice (ICJ) opening hearings on a genocide case against Israel, concerns have been raised about a perceived "Israel exception" to US rules on military assistance. Progressive members of Congress question whether US aid to Israel, both before and during the Gaza war, violates the Leahy law, which requires vetting foreign military units for "gross violations of human rights."

The Israeli military's intentional strikes on Palestinian civilian infrastructure, termed "power targets," are highlighted in an investigation by +972 Magazine. The targets are generated using an artificial intelligence system known as "Habsora." Despite concerns, the US, Israel's major ally, has continued to provide arms and ammunition, with the House of Representatives passing a $14.3-billion military assistance package for Israel on November 2, awaiting Senate approval.

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