DECEMBER 9, 2022
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Iraq's Prime Minister Declares End to Need for U.S.-Led Military Coalition

Iraq's Prime Minister Declares End to Need for U.S.-Led Military Coalition

Iraq's Prime Minister has announced that the U.S.-led military coalition, which has been assisting the country in combating Islamic State militants, is no longer required. Despite this declaration, the Prime Minister expresses the desire to maintain robust ties with Washington.

In a statement, the Prime Minister emphasized that Iraq has reached a point where the assistance of the U.S.-led military coalition is no longer essential in the fight against Islamic State militants. This statement reflects Iraq's growing confidence in its own capabilities and the achievements made in addressing security challenges within the country.

While asserting the diminishing need for the coalition's military presence, the Prime Minister underscores the importance of maintaining strong diplomatic and economic ties with the United States. He acknowledges the historical relationship between the two nations and the significance of ongoing collaboration in various non-military aspects.

This development comes as Iraq continues to focus on its sovereignty and self-reliance in managing internal security matters. The announcement signals a shift in Iraq's stance on foreign military involvement, aligning with the country's evolving security landscape and its commitment to asserting control over its internal affairs.

As discussions about the future relationship between Iraq and the United States unfold, both nations will likely explore avenues for collaboration beyond military involvement, including economic partnerships, diplomatic cooperation, and support in non-security sectors. The evolving dynamics highlight Iraq's determination to navigate its own path while fostering constructive relations with international partners, particularly the United States.

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