DECEMBER 9, 2022
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U.S. Proposes Gaza Rehabilitation Plan Led by Saudi Arabia, Amid Controversy Over Role

U.S. Proposes Gaza Rehabilitation Plan Led by Saudi Arabia, Amid Controversy Over Role

Reports from American television network NBC suggest that the United States is advocating a post-conflict rehabilitation plan for the Gaza Strip, with Saudi Arabia taking the lead, once Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is no longer in power. However, critics argue that this move appears to be a calculated effort to shift the narrative, considering the U.S. role in supporting Israel during the destruction of Gaza.

According to unnamed senior officials from the Biden administration, Saudi Arabia, and four other Arab nations, there is a proposed initiative for rebuilding Gaza post-conflict, in collaboration with a "revitalized Palestinian Authority." As part of this plan, Saudi Arabia has reportedly expressed willingness to normalize relations with Israel, contingent upon Israel's commitment to the eventual establishment of a Palestinian state.

However, controversy surrounds these developments as it is alleged that Netanyahu rejected the proposed plan, stating his unwillingness to make a deal allowing for a Palestinian state. Critics argue that the U.S. administration's attempt to lay the groundwork for post-Netanyahu discussions raises questions about the sincerity of its intentions and the role it played during the recent conflict in Gaza.

The proposal, seen by some as an attempt to position the U.S. and Saudi Arabia as benevolent actors in the region, raises concerns about the selective memory and responsibility attributed to key stakeholders involved in the Gaza situation. As discussions unfold, the complex dynamics between the U.S., Israel, and the broader Middle East continue to shape the narrative surrounding the Gaza conflict and its aftermath.

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