DECEMBER 9, 2022
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Iran Urges Pakistan to Prevent Terrorist Bases Following Drone Attack Dispute

Iran Urges Pakistan to Prevent Terrorist Bases Following Drone Attack Dispute

In response to a recent drone attack by Pakistan on an Iranian village near their border, Iran has issued a statement addressing the "friendly and brotherly government of Pakistan." The Iranian Foreign Ministry condemned the drone attack, which resulted in the death of nine individuals, including four children. Tehran characterized the action as unbalanced and unacceptable.

While emphasizing its commitment to good neighborliness and brotherhood, Iran declared the security of its people and territorial integrity as red lines. The statement strongly urged Pakistan to fulfill its commitments in preventing the establishment of bases and armed terrorist groups on its soil.

The recent tensions stem from Iran's operation against bases of Jaish al-Adl inside Pakistan, conducted to thwart potential terrorist attacks after the killing of 11 Iranian policemen in a previous raid. Iran clarified that its actions were part of the inherent duties of its border forces to address imminent terrorist threats.

Despite the dispute, Iran expressed the separation between the Pakistani government, considered a friend and brother, and armed terrorists. The statement emphasized Iran's commitment to neighborly policies and rejected any strain on relations, particularly in the context of the ongoing issues involving the Zionist regime.

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