DECEMBER 9, 2022
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UN Court Orders Israeli Action to Prevent Genocide in Gaza

UN Court Orders Israeli Action to Prevent Genocide in Gaza


In a significant interim ruling, the International Court of Justice has directed Israel to take decisive steps to prevent genocide in Gaza, following a request for emergency measures by South Africa in its genocide case against Israel over its actions in the Gaza Strip.


The court's directive calls on Israel to mitigate casualties and destruction in Gaza, emphasizing the imperative to prevent any actions potentially falling under the UN Genocide Convention of 1948. Additionally, the ruling mandates measures to curb direct incitement of genocide in the region.


Furthermore, Israel is instructed to facilitate the provision of urgent humanitarian aid and essential services to alleviate the challenging living conditions faced by Palestinians. The regime must provide a progress report within a month on the implementation of these measures.


Recognizing Palestinians as a protected group under the genocide convention, the court asserts its jurisdiction in the case. However, the ruling does not address the central allegation of genocide but instead focuses on the immediate interventions sought by South Africa.


South Africa's case accuses Israel of committing "genocidal" acts targeting the Palestinian national, racial, and ethnic identity. During hearings at the Peace Palace, both sides debated the interpretation of the Genocide Convention.


The efficacy of the court's rulings remains uncertain, as it lacks enforcement mechanisms, leading to occasional disregard of its legally binding decisions.

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