DECEMBER 9, 2022
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Iran Denounces UK's False Accusations and Hypocrisy on Terrorism and Drug Trafficking

Iran Denounces UK's False Accusations and Hypocrisy on Terrorism and Drug Trafficking

The British government recently imposed sanctions on Iranian officials, alleging their involvement in terrorist activities through drug cartels. Iran swiftly summoned the British ambassador to Tehran, vehemently protesting the "baseless accusations" and "illegal" sanctions. The director general of Western Europe at the Iranian foreign ministry criticized the UK's hypocrisy, highlighting its support for organized crime and terrorism.

In a startling revelation, Press TV disclosed information suggesting the UK's leniency towards the anti-Iran Mujahedin Khalq Organization (MKO), allowing it to operate freely and engage in drug trafficking. Despite evidence of the MKO's involvement in illegal activities, including violent content broadcasted by Simay-e Azadi, a MKO-affiliated TV station, the UK has turned a blind eye and removed regulatory oversight.

Moreover, the UK allegedly facilitates the MKO's financial needs through drug trafficking, with MI6 reportedly intervening to prevent media coverage of MKO arrests and orchestrating show trials to maintain the group's illicit funding channels. Siavash Pisheh Varz, a key figure linked to MKO financing and money laundering in the UK, epitomizes this collusion, having been previously arrested for trafficking millions in cash.

The UK's tolerance of MKO operations and its role as a hub for money laundering and financing of terrorist activities underscore the hypocrisy of its accusations against Iran.

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