DECEMBER 9, 2022
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Landmark Tribunal Decision Upholds Anti-Zionist Beliefs as Protected Under UK Law

Landmark Tribunal Decision Upholds Anti-Zionist Beliefs as Protected Under UK Law

A sociology professor, dismissed by the University of Bristol for his anti-Zionist comments, has secured a groundbreaking victory in an employment tribunal. The tribunal ruled that Professor David Miller's anti-Zionist beliefs qualify as a philosophical belief protected under the Equality Act 2010.

In a judgment delivered on Monday, the Bristol employment tribunal found that Miller had been subject to direct discrimination because of his anti-Zionist views.

Represented by Rahman Lowe Solicitors, Miller hailed the decision as a significant triumph, establishing that anti-Zionist beliefs are legally safeguarded in the workplace. The solicitors' statement highlighted that Miller's philosophical belief that Zionism is inherently racist, imperialist, and colonial is protected under the Equality Act 2010, alongside a finding of unfair dismissal.

Expressing his satisfaction with the tribunal's ruling, Miller stated, "I am extremely pleased that the tribunal has concluded that I was unfairly and wrongfully dismissed by the University of Bristol." He added, "I am also very proud that we have managed to establish that anti-Zionist views qualify as a protected belief under the UK Equality Act."

Miller's dismissal from the University of Bristol in October 2021 followed statements he made regarding the role of the Zionist movement in promoting Islamophobia. He attributed his termination to an organized campaign by groups opposing his anti-Zionist stance and took legal action against the university for unlawful discrimination based on his beliefs.

In a social media post following the tribunal's decision, Miller emphasized the broader significance of his victory, stating, "This is not just a victory for me, but also a victory for pro-Palestine campaigners across Britain." He highlighted the challenges faced by anti-Zionists in Britain due to efforts by the Israel lobby, resulting in harassment, censorship, and job losses.

Miller expressed hope that the tribunal's decision would set a precedent in confronting the "racist and genocidal ideology of Zionism." He emphasized the necessity of a maximalist anti-Zionist approach in effectively countering Zionism's influence.

The verdict marks a pivotal moment in the legal recognition of anti-Zionist beliefs and their protection in the workplace, signaling a significant advancement in the fight against discrimination based on philosophical convictions.

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