DECEMBER 9, 2022
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China Condemns US, UK Airstrikes in West Asia, Warns of Escalating Tensions

China Condemns US, UK Airstrikes in West Asia, Warns of Escalating Tensions

China's ambassador to the United Nations, Jun Zhang, strongly criticized the United States, UK for instigating fresh turmoil in West Asia through its recent military strikes in the already unstable region. Speaking at a UN Security Council meeting focused on threats to international peace and security, Zhang condemned the US airstrikes carried out in Iraq and Syria just two days prior.

The aerial assaults, in response to a drone attack on a US occupation base near the Jordan-Syria border, resulted in the deaths of nearly 40 individuals. Zhang condemned these strikes as a serious violation of Syria and Iraq's sovereignty, independence, and territorial integrity.

Zhang accused the US of exacerbating tensions in the region, despite claiming to seek peace, and warned that the situation is on the brink of extreme peril. He attributed the root cause of the current turmoil to the failure to implement a ceasefire in the Gaza Strip amid Israeli aggression.

Highlighting the futility of military solutions in the Middle East, Zhang called on all concerned parties to prioritize diplomacy and cooperation. He emphasized the critical importance of halting actions motivated by self-interest.

The ambassador's remarks echoed similar sentiments expressed by Russia's Ambassador Vassily Nebenzia, who condemned the US attacks as evidence of Washington's aggressive policies and disregard for international law. Nebenzia urged the international community to unequivocally denounce the reckless actions of the US and its allies in the region.

Meanwhile, both Iraq and Syria denounced the US airstrikes as violations of their sovereignty, cautioning against further escalation of tensions in the already volatile region.






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