DECEMBER 9, 2022
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emeni Official Forecasts Departure of Foreign Warships from Red Sea

emeni Official Forecasts Departure of Foreign Warships from Red Sea

Mohammed Ali al-Houthi, a prominent figure within Yemen's Supreme Political Council, declared on Thursday that following a successful Yemeni operation forcing a British warship out of the Red Sea, all foreign vessels in the region will eventually be compelled to depart.

This statement follows reports from British media revealing that the Royal Navy's warship, HMS Diamond, was withdrawn from the Red Sea after enduring three missile attacks allegedly originating from Yemen. While the specific reasons for the withdrawal were not disclosed, it was announced that HMS Richmond would temporarily assume duties in the area, with plans for HMS Diamond to be rearmed before rejoining operations in the Red Sea. Yemeni media released footage purporting to show a missile striking HMS Diamond, although the timing of the strike was not specified.

Al-Houthi emphasized that the departure of the British warship for maintenance heralds the eventual exit of other foreign vessels from the region. He reiterated Yemen's demand for all foreign warships to cease attacks on Yemen, end the blockade of the country, and vacate the Red Sea.

Yemen has been conducting missile and drone operations targeting Israeli vessels and those en route to Israeli ports, as well as British and American warships deployed to counter Yemeni strikes. These operations aim to pressure Israel to halt the Washington- and London-backed war against Yemen, which has led to a devastating death toll among Palestinians, primarily comprising women, children, and adolescents.

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