DECEMBER 9, 2022
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Israeli PM Defies Warnings, Vows Ground Invasion of Rafah in Gaza

Israeli PM Defies Warnings, Vows Ground Invasion of Rafah in Gaza

In a defiant move disregarding humanitarian concerns, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu pledges to launch a ground invasion of Rafah in the Gaza Strip, home to hundreds of thousands of Palestinian refugees.

Netanyahu, speaking at a televised conference, rebuffed critics urging restraint, asserting that refraining from military action equates to surrender in the ongoing conflict.

The decision comes amidst a deadly conflict initiated by Israel in October 2023, known as Operation al-Aqsa Storm, resulting in the loss of nearly 29,000 Palestinian lives, predominantly civilians.

Despite international calls for peace and efforts to evacuate civilians from Rafah, aid organizations warn of the logistical challenges and catastrophic consequences of further military escalation.

Netanyahu's declaration to proceed with the invasion, regardless of potential agreements with Hamas, underscores the escalating tensions and humanitarian crisis in Gaza.

International humanitarian groups condemn Israeli actions, cautioning against the grave humanitarian fallout of an assault on Rafah.

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