DECEMBER 9, 2022
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Senator Lindsey Graham Echoes Trump's Call for NATO Spending Compliance, Stirs Controversy

Senator Lindsey Graham Echoes Trump's Call for NATO Spending Compliance, Stirs Controversy

Republican Senator Lindsey Graham has echoed former President Donald Trump's recent remarks, suggesting that countries failing to meet NATO's spending criteria should face expulsion from the bloc.

Graham expressed agreement with Trump's stance, emphasizing the importance of NATO members fulfilling their financial commitments to defense spending. He highlighted that 19 out of 31 NATO nations are not meeting the guideline requiring them to allocate at least 2% of their GDP to defense.

"President Trump is right to want NATO nations to meet their obligation of 2 percent. We need to turn it into an obligation that means something," Graham stated, advocating for consequences for non-compliance, including expulsion from the alliance.

In an interview with CBS News, Graham emphasized his support for NATO but urged member states to fulfill their financial obligations, citing a substantial sum of money left unallocated.

However, Graham's current stance stands in contrast to his previous criticism of Trump's approach to NATO. In 2016, when Trump suggested aiding only allies fulfilling their obligations, Graham condemned such statements, warning of heightened global insecurity and undermining the safety of the United States.

At the time, Graham urged Trump to rectify his remarks, expressing concern for NATO allies, particularly the Baltic States, and the satisfaction it might bring to Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Graham's alignment with Trump's position on NATO spending has reignited debates over the alliance's financial commitments and the implications of Trump's rhetoric on international relations.

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