DECEMBER 9, 2022
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Ukraine Blames US, Western Allies for Defeats, Delays in Arms Deliveries

Ukraine Blames US, Western Allies for Defeats, Delays in Arms Deliveries

Ukraine's defense minister, Rustem Umerov, has criticized US and its Western allies for the late delivery of weapons and munitions, attributing the delays to recent setbacks against Russia.

Umerov stated that despite Ukraine's efforts and strategic planning, the delayed supply of Western arms and munitions has hindered their ability to effectively combat Russian forces. He emphasized the importance of timely deliveries, citing the necessity of air superiority and the yet-to-be-delivered F-16 jets promised by the West.

Highlighting the consequences of the delays, Umerov noted that Ukraine's forces were facing shortages of air defense missiles and artillery shells, further complicating their military operations.

Despite these challenges, Ukraine has ramped up its drone production, developing models capable of targeting Russian warships and striking deep inside Russia. Officials see drones as a crucial defense asset amid artillery shortages.

President Zelensky has also voiced concerns to Western allies about the deficit of weapons, particularly in artillery and long-range capabilities, urging for increased support in arms and ammunition.

While Western countries have responded by sending multiple shipments of weaponry, Russia has warned against escalating the conflict through further arms provisions, emphasizing the need for diplomatic solutions to the ongoing crisis.






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