DECEMBER 9, 2022
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US Senators Criticize Biden's Handling of Red Sea Attacks, Call for Congressional Authorization

US Senators Criticize Biden's Handling of Red Sea Attacks, Call for Congressional Authorization

A bipartisan group of US senators criticized President Joe Biden's management of the Yemeni army's assaults on Israeli-linked vessels, as well as American and British ships in the Red Sea.

During a congressional hearing on Tuesday, senators argued that Biden should seek congressional authorization for continued military action against the Yemen-based movement, Ansarullah.

The Houthi Ansarullah movement, responsible for the attacks, stated that they would cease their assaults on shipping in the Red Sea only after Israel ends its aggression and blockade on Gaza.

Despite ongoing US strikes against Ansarullah, the attacks have persisted, disrupting global trade and increasing shipping rates.

Senator Tim Kaine expressed serious concerns during the hearing about the legal basis for the strikes and their effectiveness in re-establishing deterrence.

The Pentagon reported that its strikes have destroyed or degraded numerous weapons and launch systems used by Ansarullah.

Yemeni negotiator Mohammed Abdul-Salam indicated that Yemen's Red Sea operations would be reconsidered if Israel lifted its siege on Gaza and allowed humanitarian aid into the Palestinian territory.

Yemeni support for Palestine has remained steadfast, with the Yemeni Armed Forces vowing to continue retaliatory strikes until Israeli offensives in Gaza cease.

Senators emphasized the constitutional requirement for congressional authorization for acts of war, signaling potential legislative action.

The Biden administration's strategy regarding the Red Sea attacks was questioned, with calls for a clear strategy for deterring aggression and adherence to appropriate legal doctrine.

The US Constitution grants Congress the authority to authorize war, while US law permits limited foreign military action by the White House.

The United States and the United Kingdom have conducted strikes against Yemen since early January, following their support for Israel amid attacks by Yemeni forces on Israeli-linked ships in the Red Sea.

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