DECEMBER 9, 2022
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Israeli Military Faces Critical Shortage of Personnel

Israeli Military Faces Critical Shortage of Personnel

Reports indicate that the Israeli military is encountering a significant shortage of personnel as its forces diminish amid the continuing conflict in the Gaza Strip. According to Ynetnews, the official website of Israeli daily Yediot Ahronot, the army is urgently seeking an additional 7,000 soldiers, with half of them needed for combat roles, to address escalating manpower deficiencies.

The current demand for troops surpasses those already earmarked for recruitment in upcoming cycles, highlighting the unprecedented strain on military resources. However, the regime's treasury has approved only 2,500 additional forces, exacerbating the shortfall.

Ynet described the situation as a "shock" for the Israeli military, which has been engaged in nearly 150 days of conflict since the outset of the Gaza war on October 7. The conflict was sparked by the Palestinian resistance groups' surprise operation known as al-Aqsa Storm against the occupied territories.

During the course of the war, the toll on Palestinians has been devastating, with over 30,000 killed and more than 70,000 injured, predominantly women and children. Meanwhile, approximately 582 Israeli troops have lost their lives, with many others suffering physical and psychological wounds that prevent them from returning to duty.

Israeli Minister of Military Affairs has acknowledged the heavy toll exacted on the military, emphasizing the "very high" costs in terms of casualties. Despite the significant loss of life and resources, the Israeli military has yet to achieve its objectives in the conflict, including dismantling Hamas, locating captured soldiers, and forcibly displacing the population of Gaza to neighboring Egypt.

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