DECEMBER 9, 2022
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Majority of Democrats Favour Presidential Candidates Opposing Unconditional Military Aid to Israel

Majority of Democrats Favour Presidential Candidates Opposing Unconditional Military Aid to Israel

Recent polls conducted by Reuters/Ipsos reveal a prevailing sentiment among Democrats favoring presidential candidates who do not endorse unconditional military assistance to Israel. According to the poll, 56% of Democrats expressed reluctance to support a candidate who advocates for such aid.

Furthermore, a significant majority of Democrats expressed a desire for a presidential candidate who advocates for a ceasefire in Gaza, with 22% of respondents attributing blame to Israel for the casualties in the region.

These poll findings underscore a potential vulnerability for President Joe Biden, who has faced criticism within his party for his unwavering support of Israel, particularly amidst the recent hostilities in Gaza. Despite mounting pressure, Biden has maintained his stance, reaffirming unwavering support for Israel and continuing military aid without conditions.

The situation in Gaza remains dire, with escalating casualties and a looming famine exacerbating the humanitarian crisis. President Biden has acknowledged the complexities of the situation, expressing skepticism about the possibility of a ceasefire in the near future.

Meanwhile, reports of Israeli forces firing upon Palestinians waiting for food aid have further fueled international condemnation. The incident, which resulted in numerous casualties, has prompted calls for accountability and intensified scrutiny of Israel's actions in Gaza.

The poll results serve as a precursor to the upcoming November election, highlighting the significance of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict as a key issue for Democratic voters.






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