DECEMBER 9, 2022
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Iraq and Turkey to Collaborate on Counterterrorism Efforts and Infrastructure Development

Iraq and Turkey to Collaborate on Counterterrorism Efforts and Infrastructure Development

Iraq's Foreign Minister, Fuad Hussein, has announced plans for both the Iraqi and Turkish governments to devise proposals aimed at addressing longstanding challenges in cooperation against terrorism. In an exclusive interview with Daily Sabah, Hussein outlined the intention to create a roadmap that not only strengthens ties but also eliminates security threats.

Highlighting ongoing discussions and a positive atmosphere surrounding recent meetings, Hussein emphasized the need for a joint plan to enhance security both within and between the two nations. The aim is to reach a consensus that ensures stability in the region and mitigates the need for unilateral military actions.

The issue of counterterrorism cooperation has been a persistent point of contention between Iraq and Turkey, particularly concerning the presence of the PKK within Iraqi territory. Turkey's security concerns have led to periodic military operations in northern Iraq, which Iraq views as violations of its sovereignty.

In addition to security matters, Hussein discussed the progress of the Iraq Development Project, a significant infrastructure initiative aimed at linking the Persian Gulf to Europe via Iraq and Turkey. With a focus on the Grand Faw Port as a pivotal starting point, discussions with Turkey have intensified, indicating strong bilateral cooperation on this transformative project.

While an exact timeline for the project's completion remains uncertain, Hussein emphasized the keen interest of Gulf countries in investing in the venture. With extensive work to be undertaken in both Iraqi and Turkish territories, the project represents a significant opportunity for economic development and regional connectivity.

Overall, the collaborative efforts between Iraq and Turkey signify a commitment to addressing mutual challenges and fostering progress in both security and infrastructure development.

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