DECEMBER 9, 2022
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Allegations Surface Against US and UK in UN Chief Hammarskjöld's Death Investigation

Allegations Surface Against US and UK in UN Chief Hammarskjöld's Death Investigation

Scholars have raised accusations against the United States and the United Kingdom for obstructing a United Nations investigation into the 1961 airplane crash that claimed the life of UN Secretary-General Dag Hammarskjöld.

The incident, which occurred on September 18, 1961, during Hammarskjöld's mission to mediate a ceasefire in the Congo, has long been shrouded in mystery, with suspicions of intentional sabotage surrounding the crash.

During a conference in London, attendees were briefed on the ongoing investigation by Stephen Mathias, the UN assistant secretary-general for legal affairs. Concerns were voiced over the reluctance of the US and UK to provide crucial archived documentation to aid the inquiry.

Organizers of the conference, the Institute of Commonwealth Studies at the University of London and the Westminster United Nations Association, criticized the responses from the US and UK as "wholly inadequate" and demonstrating "contempt for the UN inquiry."

Susan Williams, whose research contributed to the reopening of the UN investigation, highlighted the absence of support from the US and UK in co-sponsoring the most recent General Assembly resolution to renew the inquiry.

Former UK High Commissioner to South Africa, Paul Boateng, emphasized the importance of uncovering the truth behind Hammarskjöld's death, stating that it is crucial for upholding democracy, international rule of law, and the integrity of the UN.

The crash, initially attributed to pilot error by Rhodesian authorities, drew controversy as witnesses reported sightings of another aircraft near the crash site. Additionally, intelligence reports indicated suspicious activities in the vicinity, suggesting possible foul play.

Hammarskjöld's untimely death occurred amidst a complex political landscape in Africa, with the Congo embroiled in civil conflict and external powers vying for control over its valuable resources, underscoring the significance of uncovering the truth behind the tragedy.







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