DECEMBER 9, 2022
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Moscow Summons US Ambassador Over Alleged Interference and Funding of "Anti-Russian" Groups

Moscow Summons US Ambassador Over Alleged Interference and Funding of "Anti-Russian" Groups

Moscow has summoned the US ambassador in protest against alleged funding of "anti-Russian" non-profit groups and interference in Russia's domestic affairs. The foreign ministry warned of potential retaliatory measures, including the expulsion of American diplomats, for what it claims is the spreading of disinformation about the upcoming presidential election and meddling in Russia’s military operation in Ukraine.

In a statement issued on Thursday, the Russian Foreign Ministry emphasized its intention to suppress any attempts to interfere in Russian domestic affairs, particularly during elections and military operations. Ambassador Lynne Tracy was reportedly told to cease US funding for three non-profit education groups - American Councils for International Education, Cultural Vistas, and the Institute of International Education - which Moscow accuses of promoting values contrary to Russian society.

Continued support for these organizations by the US, the ministry cautioned, would be considered a violation of Russian law. Russia has previously labeled several western NGOs as “undesirable,” prohibiting Russian citizens from collaborating with them.

Tensions between Russia and the United States have escalated significantly in recent years, resulting in the expulsion of numerous diplomats from both sides. This latest move underscores the strained relations between the two countries, exacerbated by conflicts such as the Russia-Ukraine war.

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