DECEMBER 9, 2022
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Malaysian Prime Minister Advocates Recognition of China's Rise Amid Regional Tensions

Malaysian Prime Minister Advocates Recognition of China's Rise Amid Regional Tensions

Malaysian Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim has cautioned against efforts to impede China's military and economic ascension in the Asia-Pacific region while stressing the importance of acknowledging its "legitimate place in history." Speaking at the Australian National University in Canberra on Thursday, Ibrahim emphasized the need for Southeast Asian nations to uphold the sanctity of international law and advocate for cooperation amidst the rivalry between the United States and China for regional influence.

Ibrahim highlighted how actions hindering China's rise, particularly in military, economic, and technological domains, are perceived as denying its rightful position in the global order. He urged countries to empathize with China's perspective, recognizing its military expansion and diplomatic influence as natural extensions of its economic and technological progress.

The Malaysian prime minister, who recently participated in the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) summit in Australia, favored China's stance during discussions, particularly amidst tensions in the South China Sea involving clashes between the Philippines and China.

While the Philippines expressed intentions to bolster security ties with the United States and resist Chinese encroachments in the disputed sea, Ibrahim refrained from explicitly siding with any country, advocating instead for a more cooperative approach to international affairs.

Looking ahead, Ibrahim stressed the importance of multilateral institutions such as ASEAN in ensuring regional resilience amid shifting power dynamics. He underscored the necessity of investing in adaptable institutions capable of accommodating global changes peacefully.

Furthermore, Ibrahim criticized Western nations for their selective condemnation of conflicts, citing the disparity in responses to the Russia-Ukraine war and the ongoing humanitarian crisis in Gaza. He called for a more consistent approach to global crises, highlighting the need for universally recognized laws and modern multilateral institutions in navigating uncertain times.

The joint Australia-ASEAN statement issued on Wednesday reiterated concerns over the dire humanitarian situation in Gaza, signaling ongoing international attention to the plight of its residents.






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