DECEMBER 9, 2022
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Palestinians Begin Ramadan While Deepening Hunger in Gaza

Palestinians Begin Ramadan While Deepening Hunger in Gaza

As Palestinians commenced fasting for the holy month of Ramadan on Monday, hopes for a ceasefire remained dim, exacerbating hunger in the Gaza Strip amid ongoing conflict with Israeli regime.

Prayers echoed amidst the rubble of demolished buildings, while makeshift tent camps adorned with fairy lights and decorations became the backdrop for communal gatherings. Despite attempts to maintain a semblance of tradition, the pervasive devastation from five months of war, resulting in over 30,000 Palestinian casualties, cast a somber shadow over the occasion.

In the midst of scarcity, even basic provisions like canned goods have become luxuries beyond reach for many families. Sabah al-Hendi, shopping for essentials in Rafah, voiced the prevailing sentiment: a pervasive sadness permeates every household, with each one touched by loss.

Efforts by Qatar, and Egypt to broker a ceasefire ahead of Ramadan, including the release of hostages and prisoners along with increased humanitarian aid, have hit a deadlock, leaving hopes for relief and peace deferred.

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